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20 März 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Where will the financial crisis end?

The collapse of Credit Suisse, an icon of European banking, has revived fears of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
Watch time - 5 min
17 März 2023

Stewart Bennett

Global Head of Alternatives

Real estate – understanding the new normal

Where next for real estate? With sections on the UK, Continental European and US real estate our team take a closer look at the economic backdrop, activity in 2022, the outlook for 2023 plus strategy calls across various sub-sectors.
Read time - 9 min
16 März 2023

Pauline Grange

Portfolio Manager

Identifying key sustainable themes for 2023 and beyond

The desire for energy security coupled with decarbonisation means there is now a sense of urgency around a green transition.
Read time - 3 min