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Eine neue Dimension im nachhaltigen Investieren.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments Update

Our exposure to Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic Bank and Signature Bank


Management von Klimarisiken und -chancen in Anlageportfolios und über Geschäftstätigkeit im Rahmen des von der TCFD empfohlenen Rahmens.

Columbia Threadneedle (Lux) Sustainable Outcomes Global Equity

Ein konzentrierter globaler Fonds, der in außergewöhnliche Unternehmen investiert, die positive nachhaltige Ergebnisse und finanzielle Renditen liefern.

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25 September 2023

Robert Plant

Director, Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset Solutions

The resilience of earnings

As we head into the Q3 reporting season we explore what’s in store. Robert Plant of our Multi-Asset team explains why company earnings look set to broadly beat expectations.
Watch time - 6 min
21 September 2023

Gordon Bowers

Research Analyst, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Eng Tat Low

EM Sovereign Analyst

Implications of Zambia’s Sovereign Debt Restructuring 

A landmark deal for Zambia as agreement was reached on restructuring its $6.3bn debt. We explore what it means for other defaulters
Read time - 5 min
19 September 2023

Harry Waight

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Health and Well-Being – longer lives, healthier lives

After a century of rapid increases, gains in life expectancy are slowing. We ask why and explore companies that can help buck the trend.
Read time - 5 min